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Valadares Sanatorium


The work carried out by NCREP consisted of monitoring a metal structure to be installed to reinforce an existing building in reinforced concrete.

In the search for guarantees in the execution of a delicate work to be carried out by the designer and the contractor, which consisted of the reinforcement of existing reinforced concrete porticoes with a metal structure, including subsequent demolition of three existing pillars (in an area of total influence of approximately 480 m2), it was necessary to ensure the correct transfer of forces for the new metal reinforcing structure.

NCREP, in collaboration with the Seismic and Structural Engineering Laboratory, took over real-time monitoring of the behaviour of the new reinforcing metal elements, as well as the deformations of the existing structure, and a hydraulic lifting system was used to transfer existing loads to the new reinforcement. The monitoring assistance ensured the efficiency of the procedure carried out and the activation of the structural reinforcement, with the whole existing load on the reinforced concrete structure being passed to the new reinforcement. This made it possible to later demolish the existing pillars without active loads and in conditions of complete safety.