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Real Companhia Velha

Vila Nova de Gaia

Building from the early 20th century, built for port wine storage.

The building targeted for intervention is located in Vila Nova de Gaia and is currently owned by the company The Fladgate Partnership Vinhos, S.A. The building, with two floors and a rectangular layout, features a four-pitched roof of timber atop granite masonry walls.

Structural damage of some significance in the constructional elements of the building was the impetus for an inspection and structural diagnosis by NCREP – Consultoria em Reabilitação do Edificado e Património, Lda., in order to evaluate the building’s conservation status and propose rehabilitation and/or structural strengthening measures to mitigate the damage observed.

The results obtained in the visual inspection and non-destructive tests carried out allowed the damage to be identified, in particular the poor functioning of the timber roof and the subsequent damage to the stone masonry walls. These actions made it possible to define areas of intervention and to recommend rehabilitation and structural strengthening measures.

The intervention included various structural rehabilitation measures which in the end aimed to strengthen and restore the connections between the different elements that make up the roof, and between those elements and the walls, in order to foster joint functioning that would improve the overall behaviour of the structure, in particular by avoiding truss warping and the deformation of the walls outside their plan.