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S. Bento Church

Arcos de Valdevez

The presence of water was one of the main factors in the deterioration of the existing structural and non-structural materials in São Bento church.

As part of an ongoing intervention on the roof of São Bento church in Arcos de Valdevez, a detachment with important shifts out of the plane was detected on the external sheathing of the nave’s gable wall. It was following these damages that NCREP was approached, with the aim of assessing the causes and determining the intervention measures necessary for the recovery of this devout space.

After studying the different structural elements, focusing particularly on the exterior masonry walls, vaults, arches and ornamental stone elements, it was concluded that the cause of the deterioration observed at the level of the timber structures, as well as some of the damage to the masonry walls, was the significant amount of water getting inside the church through the roof.

Following the conclusions of the Inspection and Diagnosis Report (RID – Relatório de Inspecção e Diagnóstico), NCREP installed crack-gauges in order to ascertain whether the deformations identified in the walls of the church were stabilised, as well as to verify the effectiveness of the intervention measures recommended in the RID.