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NCREP – Consultoria em Reabilitação do Edificado e Património, Lda. performed the sizing for a permanent artistic installation, called (i)con, located in the Paredes city park. The installation was designed by the architectural office LikeArchitects.

The structure of the (I)con is made up of a modular metal structure, defining several alignments where removable metallic tubular elements rest, these being hidden by traffic cones that cover the installation.

In the design of the metal structure that forms the body of the installation, we tried to take into account its identity and its specificities. In particular, it was intended that the metal structure be a silent element, not drawing attention away from the traffic cones. 

In the development of the project, two key aspects in particular had to be safeguarded: the actions that could result from the interaction of visitors to the city park with the installation, which was intended to be promoted; and issues related to environmental exposure and the durability of structural materials due to the permanent nature of the structure.

Photos: NCREP, FG + SG