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Rua da Lada Building


NCREP carried out a Testing campaign, Safety Assessment and corresponding Stability Project for a Building in the riverside area of the city of Porto.

NCREP – Consultoria em Reabilitação do Edificado e Património, Lda., was responsible for the Inspection, Structural Diagnosis and Stability Project for a building located in the riverside area of the city of Porto – a Unesco World Heritage Site. 

The inspected building had (main and rear) façades in granite masonry, with various types of appliances standing out on the rear façade, possibly corresponding to different construction eras. The gables were distinguished with three distinct structural typologies, and specific surveys were carried out to assess their constitution, understand the construction phasing and evaluate their conservation status. 

Taking into account the state of conservation of the timber elements, in particular the floors and roof, and the fact that the architectural project has defined a change in the level of the floors, these structural elements will be replaced in full by new timber elements. The choice for this material was due to the importance of minimising the applied loads and limiting the level of intrusion to the existing structural walls, as well as ensuring compatibility with existing materials.

Prior to the inspection work performed by NCREP, archaeological excavations were carried out on the first storey flooring, in the course of which elements of historical value were found. In order that these elements should be able to be viewed, a metal structure was introduced on this storey, which will support glass panels.

Photos: NCREP, Jean Michel Tardy