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Boavista House


NCREP worked in close collaboration with the architect Joana Vasconcelos of Atelier in.vitro to develop an Inspection and Diagnosis (ID) campaign and an intervention project for an existing single-family dwelling in Porto.

In order to assist in the collection of information on the structural constitution of the building and its conservation status, a structural Inspection and Diagnosis (ID) campaign was carried out using experimental Non-Destructive (ND) and Semi-Destructive (SD) tests. This campaign was complemented by opening some probing windows in order to validate the tests and by seeking to minimise the impact on the structural elements using sampling of ceilings, floors and walls. The ID of the building allowed us to conclude that it is in good conservation status, requiring only limited structural rehabilitation interventions, which were developed in the implementation project together with the design of the new areas.

Boavista House received the prestigious João de Almada Prize 2017 in the residential buildings category, promoted by the Porto City Council.

Photos: NCREP, José Campos Photography