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NCREP – Consultoria em Reabilitação do Edificado e Património, Lda. is a company providing services in the area of structural rehabilitation, including consulting, inspection, diagnostics, monitoring and design.

NCREP is born of the knowledge and experience accumulated by its founders over more than 15 years working in the field of rehabilitation and strengthening of existing structures, which has resulted in the production of hundreds of intervention projects, technical reports and scientific projects for public and private entities.

NCREP’s activities are aimed at traditional building typologies in concrete, steel, masonry and timber. The company follows an Integrated Methodology in its approach to rehabilitation, focusing on a detailed knowledge of structures acquired from inspection and diagnostic activities, and on analysing its performance using safety assessment tools. 

Every part of this process has been developed in accordance with international guidelines and thus seeks to minimise the impact on buildings via a properly informed rehabilitation project, in a compromise between functionality, safety and safeguarding of heritage. NCREP also takes advantage of its technical expertise in order to develop designs for new structures.

In addition, NCREP develops Research and Development (R&D) activities in the field of existing structures, with a particular focus on the seismic rehabilitation and strengthening of buildings, in partnership with national and international educational and research institutions.

Finally, within the scope of its extended activities, NCREP promotes training courses, workshops and seminars within the field of structural rehabilitation and intervention in partnership with other institutions.