Building in Rua do Rosário, Porto

Rehabilitate the building by providing it with the security and use necessary for its proper functioning as a living space, preserving and valuing its original architectural qualities.

This 20th century building, facing the Rua do Rosário in Oporto, underwent a rehabilitation / reinforcement intervention of the existing structural elements, taking into account their specific technical, economic and architectural requirements.

In this sense, as a first step, the NCREP carried out a set of inspection and diagnostic actions in order to characterize the structural elements and examine their conservation status. Through in-situ experimental testing and visual inspection it was possible to conclude that this building is in good condition with no significant damage to the structural elements, particularly wood floors, stairs and roof, as well as stone masonry walls.

However, at the design stage, it was necessary to define a set of structural solutions to improve the safety of the building, particularly the top floor and wooden trusses, both with new wood elements, in order to harmonize with the existing structural system. Also noteworthy is the solution with steel profiles that materializes the mezzanine structure on the ground floor, following the proposed architectural design.

Year: 2013

Typology: Residential

Location: Porto

Photography: NCREP

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