Rua dos Douradores, Lisbon

The building is located in downtown Lisbon, also known as “Pombalina” downlown, priority reconstruction zone after the 1755 earthquake.

NCREP, at request of Santa Casa da Misericórdia, Lisboa (SCML), did a technical report to aid in the decision making process regarding the future occupational program of a building located in downtown Lisbon. This work involved the assessment of the conservation status and structural safety of the building through structural inspection and diagnosis actions. Additionally, some intervention solutions appropriate to resolve the encountered structural problems were defined and based on them a cost estimation of the future structural intervention was done.

In this context, in order to better understand the structural behavior of the building and to more accurately characterize the composing materials, thus validating the obtained information, it was conducted an in-situ experimental campaign on the horizontal and vertical structural elements (Resistograph, seismographs, thermograph, pacometer and hygrometer).

The Inspection, Diagnosis and Structural Assessment, fundamental preparatory actions in any structural rehabilitation process, allowed estimating a severe degradation in approximately 30% of the horizontal (floors and roofs) and vertical (“frontal” and “tabique” walls) structural elements, which have to be replaced entirely. The remaining elements required different levels of intervention depending on their conservation state, what may be resolved through localized interventions and element substitution. Regarding the seismic performance of the building, a simplified analysis allowed us to estimate effective measures to implement on the structural elements and connection between them.

Based on the type and level of intervention that is considered important to perform, taking into account only the effect of vertical load, it was estimated a global cost for the suggested structural interventions, namely rehabilitation, strengthening and replacement of the horizontal and vertical structural elements.

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