Ambient vibration testing and seismic analysis of a masonry chimneyLopes, V., Guedes, J., Paupério, E., Arêde, A., Costa, A. (2009). Journal of Building Appraisal, 5(2): 101-121.

At the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century there was a considerable development in Portugal, characterized by the flourishing of many industrial plants. Brick masonry chimneys represent some of the most interesting elements of the industrial architectural heritage of that time. This article shows the study and analysis of a chimney from a former ceramic factory that is now part of a cultural and leisure Public Park located near Porto, Portugal. The focus in this work is given on the detailed in situ survey of the chimney involving geometrical characterization, visual inspection, with damage registration, and structural and material assessment based on in situ dynamic tests. This survey allowed assessing the in situ mechanical characteristics of the chimney and to construct a realistic numerical model to evaluate the seismic vulnerability of the chimney. Two different approaches regarding the chimney damage state were followed for the calibration of the numerical model. The models from both approaches were afterwards subjected to accelerograms matching the chimney site conditions and the responses were analysed and compared. The importance of a good mechanical characterization of the materials involved is underlined in this analysis.

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