Structural Monitoring

Structural monitoring is a specialized technical field under a large development. Through carefully planned monitoring setups it is possible to infer the construction behavior / movement / distortion and its evolution throughout time. In particular, it may identify damage’s evolution, being also used as an alert system.

The definition of a monitoring setup is one of the main issues of any monitoring; it consists on selecting and adjusting the equipment to the objectives of the monitoring and to the on-site conditions. In particular, it may involve the use of more or less complex sensors: mechanical, electrical, wireless or wired… A monitoring system can be settled to analyze the local or global behavior of a construction, namely the evolution of an anomaly or damage. The monitoring campaigns may involve the measurement of displacements (absolute or relative), velocities or accelerations, slopes, crack or joint openings, among many other quantities.
Depending on the type of structure, it is possible to opt for an equipment with continuous data acquisition and (or) remote control, reducing the dislocation costs and allowing a closer monitoring of the structure.

To properly deal with issue, NCREP established collaboration agreements with external companies,  expert in the development, application, management and control of the methodologies and systems related to the knowledge of structures.

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